Trade Finance


Facility size: > R2m
Turnover > R30m per annum
Shareholders Equity (including credit loan amounts) > R5m

Our Trade Finance Solution

Our Trade Finance facilitates the funding of the growth in a business by providing stock purchase facilities to trading businesses. The tenor of up to 120 days, is determined by the cash cycle of the business.

Direct payments are made by us to international or local suppliers on behalf of our clients. We are flexible in that our clients may continue with the services of their existing clearing agents or alternatively select a clearing agent within our partner network.

Working capital facilities to make direct payments to both international and local suppliers of products and raw materials.


Leverage your debtor’s book and benefit from a short term facility, linked to your debtors.


Leverage your unencumbered stock with our stock purchase funding mechanism and benefit from a short term facility. 


The Benefits of our Facility 

  • Bridging short-term gaps in cash flow due to delays in debtor collections, slower-than-anticipated sales, insufficient supplier credit or long lead times between work performed and customer cash collections.


  • Access funding in the early stages of the procurement cycle – at the time of ordering or receiving the required stock


  • Funding growth


  • Facilitating the purchase of stock for growth: imports and/or local procurement.
  • Enabling larger quantities of stock to be purchased to benefit from volume discounts.


  • Assisting to reach minimum order quantities imposed by certain suppliers.


  • Allowing for the extension of payment terms to customers without impacting the business’ cash flow


  • Facilitating access to better pricing by settling suppliers earlier i.e. COD pricing and early settlement discounts.